REMINDER: No Street Parking at Pinebrook

Street parking is NOT ALLOWED on any Association street which includes the main street of Cortland Road and all the finger streets along Anderson Lakes Parkway, Carmody Drive and Cortland Road.

Parking rules are strictly enforced at Pinebrook.

If you see a vehicle parked on the street, you can report the parking violation to New Concepts. Your nameĀ and information will not be shared with the offending resident. The offending resident will then be fined and/or the vehicle will be towed.

You have several ways to report a parking violation:

  1. Complete the Pinebrook Parking Violation FormĀ  on the Association website
  2. Call Brian or Jennifer at New Concepts: 952-922-2500.
  3. Email Brian ( or Jennifer ( at New Concepts.
  4. Send a message with the vehicle information to the Association Facebook page.

Please include the following in your report:

  • Vehicle color, make/model, and license plate number
  • Identify where the vehicle is parked (address, location, etc.)
  • Time the vehicle was parked on the street
  • Photos of the vehicle are helpful, but are not required

For more specific parking information and common questions, please refer to the Rules & Regulations or contact New Concepts.

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